Finding the right title for your scrapbook page

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Finding the right title for your scrapbook page

Finding the Right Title for Your Scrapbook Page


If you are anything like me, you have gotten stuck for a title for your scrapbook page a time or two. The worst for me were the holiday pages – Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, etc. Because I’m doing at least one page for each of them every year, I’m constantly trying to think of something new and interesting. It didn’t always come easily to me.


Then I found a solution that I hadn’t thought of before. A quote from a book can make a great title for your page, especially if that book or particular quote has significance to you. You can find some great examples of this at my store, All of the pages use quotes from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer as titles for the pages.


Once you begin looking at books for quotes to use, you may be surprised at the wide range of subjects and situations that are available. You would think that something like romance would be easily found, but with very little effort you can also find quotes about jobs, family relationships, friends, places, hobbies, and even weather. With a little looking on the internet, you can find a quote for almost any page you can imagine. In fact, you should not only be able to find a quote for every possible need, but several. Whether you like short and sweet or longer and more detailed, funny or serious, poetry or prose, you will have a variety of choices.


Your title quote could relate to the subject directly, such as a quote about marriage or love for a wedding page, but it could also relate indirectly. If you are doing a page about your best friend, you might want to use a quote from their favorite book. If you are doing a page about an ancestor, perhaps you could use a quote from a popular book from that time period. When doing a page about a child, you could include a quote from one of the books they read that year. A New Year’s resolutions page could include a quote from a book that you want to read in the coming year.


Quotes make great titles for any scrapbooking page. They are simple to find on the internet, can relate to just about any subject, and can add a new dimension to your page. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. Happy scrapping!



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